Let's stick together,
Let's follow our hearts,
Not even lions can tear us apart.
-The Features


In 2008, Abie moved back from San Diego to Georgia to prepare for grad school in London. During her summer back in Atlanta, her friend, Bonnie, got her a job working as a Website Consultant for AT&T. As luck would have it, that's where Rob worked, as a Website Designer.

Abie was assigned to work with West Coast accounts, which were all priority accounts only to be touched by the crème de la crème of designers. Rob was one of them.

Throughout the summer, Abie and Rob got to know each other by working together on websites. He was required to meet with the consultant for each account, to discuss it at length, before starting each project. So, Rob found himself at Abie's desk day after day, going over website details.

Towards the end of the summer, just a few weeks before Abie's departure to London, Rob and Abie started dating. Their first non-date date was putt-putt golf, which they learned they were both terrible at! Rob kept hitting his ball into the lake, which is really what charmed Abie about him.

But, Abie knew that she didn't want a long-distance relationship. So, she broke it off with Rob the day before her move to London. Rob drove her to the airport, and just as she was walking down to go to the security checkpoint, he dropped the "L" bomb on her – after only two weeks of dating!

When Abie got to London, she talked to Rob for hours a day. She missed him. So, after a week, she asked him to officially be her boyfriend. And he agreed. What a sucker.

The Proposal

In August of 2011, we went camping at Assateague Island with our friends, Emily, Greg, Melissa, Stephen, Hannah, Liz, Danny, Heather and Blake. On our third night, we all ate a delicious dinner of mahi-mahi and rockfish prepared by Heather and Blake. After dinner, we all sat around the campfire, making s'mores and chatting.

Around midnight, Hannah suggested that we walk along the beach. I decided that I was tired, so I said I was just going to go to bed. Rob suggested that I come on the walk, and I said "I don't want to go on a walk. I'm tired and cranky, and I want to go to bed." I totally cranked at him!

Then, he gave me puppy-dog eyes, and I relented, saying "Fine, I'll go on your walk."

So, we start our walk on the beach, on a night with a beautiful, huge full moon. Rob had his headlamp on, and so he and I started following ghost crabs to see where they went. Eventually, we were alone (my friends were all so far ahead that we couldn't even see them in the distance).

So, we are walking along the water, and Rob says (in true Rob fashion) "Well, I guess this is as romantic as it's gonna get…" And then he got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and flashed his headlamp in my face (by accident). He was looking at me with the expression of an actor who has forgotten his line. So he stared at me, and stared and stared. So then I said, "Rob, you have to at least ASK". And then he did.

And then we were engaged.

Our Wedding

Please join us as we begin our life of adventures together.

May 26, 2012

Le Maison Rouge at Paris on Ponce
716 Ponce de Leon Place N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30306 USA

Reception and rock 'n roll to follow.

Map and Directions

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Please join us for dinner, dancing
& a damn good time!
  • As our wedding will take place in an antique store, we feel it is not suitable for children. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Reception Song Request (To be taken under consideration)

Gift Registry

Macy's Bed Bath and Beyond Honeyfund

Thank You!

Thanks to my parents, Jack and Nancy, for everything. They have always supported me to the other side of the planet and back. They did such a good job at not going crazy when we said we wanted breakfast food or that I wanted to wear Chucks. I feel truly blessed that I have such wonderful and patient parents.

Thanks to my parents, Bob and Pegi, for welcoming Abie into our family right away. They are always so helpful when my house falls apart (all the time). We also enjoy when we get to go to lunch with you to hear about how poorly wonderfully behaved Ashes is.

Thanks to my maid- and matron- of honor, Melissa and Emily. They have been supportive of me, no matter where my crazy life has taken me. And no matter where I've gone, they have been writing me letters to let me know that I have friends at home who love me.

Thanks to my brother, Karl, for being my Glass Doctor. He's always said "Call the Glass Doctor, he'll fix your panes." And he has always fixed my pains. He has been with me my whole life, and he has always been my confidant and best friend.

Thanks to Bonnie for introducing us. Without you, we would have never met!

And thank you to my wonderful fiance and future husband, Rob. He makes me laugh all the time (sometimes so hard that I cry) and feel so loved. He does silly dances when I am sad to cheer me up, and he takes me on impromptu dates when my hair looks extra nice. He is the practical to my whimsical, the sarcastic to my silly, the chef to my baker. I can't wait to experience the adventures that we have coming up in our life together!

I should mention how I have found the most kind, nicest and sincere person. It makes no sense as to why she'd end up with me, but I'll keep her for as long as she'll have me. She helps me with the yard work, and forces me to play video games when she wants to knit. She's also fascinated by my 1990s knowledge of dinosaurs, she's trained our dog to border-line genius, she never needs an excuse to bake me chocolate chip cookies, and lets me drum at 9:30 at night while she's going to bed. That's the definition of true love right there.